Ice Machine Cleaning in Atlanta

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Does the inside of your ice machine look like this?

When was the last time you looked? If you haven’t had it professionally cleaned in the last 6 month if might. Protecting your reputation by protecting your patron’s health is the most important responsibility you face. Your future profits depend on it. Ice machines are known to be the most problematic equipment in a commercial kitchens or facility. Ice machines that just receive the common 30 minute cleaning with a nickel safe cleaner run through the machine just won’t do. While the common monthly cleaning can be performed by maintenance staff they just can’t have the daily experience to know the proper way to: disassembling, cleaning, sanitizing and reassemble (with the proper preventative maintenance) the ice machine properly. Proper cleaning & maintenance is the only way to limit most of the hassles and protect your patrons.

At least twice annually ice machines need a professional cleaning by a trained technician that can properly disassemble the ice machine and thoroughly clean it to remove all: scale build up, mold, fungus and slime in the ice machine. If the ice machine is used in the same building where bread is made it should be cleaned every 90 days. Our technicians clean multiple machines each week. Yours is just another in the line they will do.  Typically it takes our technician the better part of a day to perform proper cleaning and preventative maintenance.


Mold Build Up in Ice Machine

before & after cleaning

Often fungus can eat its way into some plastic and permanently tint it. Only by replacing the hose is proper. Water filters need to be changed regularly. Only by having the proper consumable parts on the truck will protect your reputation. When he is finished his goal is to return it to the manufacturers ‘ standards when it was new.

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